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Don’t let the chia seed’s size fool you – this tiny grain contains a wealth of nutrients and is considered one of nature’s “super foods.” Plus, chia seeds are incredibly versatile and can be added to a variety of recipes.

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Chia seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals, and they also boast a rich history. The ancient Aztec and Maya civilizations prized the chia seed as a vital source of nutrition. The Aztecs first used chia more than 5,000 years ago. By 2000 B.C., chia had become an integral part of many Central American diets, including the Teotihuacan, Toltec and Aztec societies.

Chia seeds were used extensively by the native Central and South Americans.
Here are just a few ways this versatile food was utilized:

  • Food – main course or as a complement to other foods
  • Flour – many groups (including the Aztecs) ground chia seeds into a tasty, multipurpose flour
  • Medicine – chia seeds were included with various medicines, potions and healing techniques
  • Beverages – thousands of years before Mamma Chia drinks, chia seeds were mixed with water and used as a beverage
  • Oil – the Aztecs and Maya pressed chia seeds to extract oil

But up until a few years ago, it was difficult to find chia seeds for sale. Today, thanks in part to Mamma Chia, everyone can enjoy one of nature’s most wondrous, well-rounded foods. On our website and in your store, Mamma Chia is proud to offer our entire line of products powered by chia.

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Mamma Chia was one of the first organic food and beverage companies to realize all the wonderful benefits of the organic chia seed. Years before chia seeds became popular again, Mamma Chia founder Janie Hoffman discovered the power and nutritional potency of this amazing food. After struggling with health issues as a young adult, Janie enacted dietary and lifestyle changes that helped her on the road to recovery. But it wasn’t until she began using chia seeds that Janie regained her full strength and vitality. And while nothing can be called a “miracle food,” chia seeds are a sensible addition to any healthy diet!

Mother Nature supplies us with an abundance of organic, all-natural foods. But even in nature’s bountiful harvest, it’s hard to find anything that equals the chia seed. For such a small food, it’s absolutely packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Healthy Omega-3 fats, essential calcium, digestive-friendly fiber and enough potassium to make any banana blush with envy – the tiny chia seed delivers quite a nutritious kick!

Chia seeds also offer:

  • Vital energy – the Taramuhara Indians of the Copper Canyon in Mexico – known as the world’s greatest runners – consume chia for endurance on their extended runs
  • Multiple minerals (including magnesium, copper, iron, thiamine, etc.)
  • Protein
  • Appetite suppression (due to high fiber content)
  • And many other benefits

Why Buy Chia Seeds?
Boundless Variety in the Kitchen, Easy Recipes & More

Beyond their obvious health benefits, chia seeds also give any food an unexpected texture, taste and subtle crunch. Mamma Chia’s Organic White Chia and Organic Black Chia seeds are perfect as an out-of-the-bag snack, and they’re also excellent for:

  • Salad sprouts – soak chia seeds in water, drain, and add water for a few days. They’re outstanding as an addition to any salad!
  • Yogurt and smoothie topping – adds a little crunch to smooth and creamy treats (ice cream, too).
  • Thickening soups, sauces, gravies and more – forget corn starch…try chia seeds instead!
  • Breadcrumb substitute – want to bulk up your meatloaf and other dishes?
    Chia seeds are a great alternative to traditional breadcrumbs.

Create exciting, nutritious new dishes. Discover an entirely different way of snacking. Harness the power of organic chia seeds with Mamma Chia! Check out our chia seed recipes, or visit our blog for other creative and inspiring ways to incorporate chia seeds into your diet.

Buy Chia Seeds from Mamma Chia

From the ancient Aztecs and Maya to modern-day Mamma Chia, chia seeds have always been in demand. We’ve produced the latest chapter of the chia seed story with a great selection of snacks, beverages and ready to use chia seeds. Mamma Chia is the best place to buy organic chia seeds. Our chia seeds are USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Verified and all-natural. Grab a bag today!