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Mamma Chia – FAQ

What is the best time of day to drink Mamma Chia beverages?

Any time is a great time to enjoy our Vitality or Chia & Greens Beverage! You can drink it before, during or after meals – morning, afternoon, or night. Here are some of the ways you have told us you like to drink our Vitality or Chia & Greens Beverage:

  • In the morning for energy instead of tea or coffee
  • Throughout the day for sustained energy
  • With or without a meal to help control your appetite
  • One hour before working out to build stamina
  • Immediately following a strenuous workout for recovery and replenishment
  • In the evening as a tasty, satisfying dessert replacement

*Our Chia Energy Beverage contains caffeine, so we recommend consuming it earlier in the day, before a workout, or anytime an extra boost of energy is needed.

Does Mamma Chia contain caffeine?

Our Vitality Beverages, Chia & Greens Beverages, Chia Squeezes, Chia Granola Clusters and Chia Vitality Bars do not contain any caffeine and the vitality benefits come purely from our organic chia seeds! Our Chia Energy Beverages contain the same powerful nutrients from our organic chia seeds combined with 90mg of clean, pure, natural caffeine from Guayusa (found in the leaves of the Amazonian holly tree)!

Do Chia Seeds need to be ground like flaxseed?

No, unlike flaxseed, chia seeds do not have a hard shell and do not need to be ground in order to benefit from the nutrients.

Are Mamma Chia beverages and Chia Squeezes pasteurized?

Yes, Mamma Chia Vitality Beverages, Chia Energy Beverages, Chia & Greens Beverages and Chia Squeezes are pasteurized for the safety of our community. However, it is minimally processed to preserve its nutritional integrity. All the nutritional benefits listed on our label reflect the potency of our products in their ready-to-enjoy state.

Is Mamma Chia vegan?

Our Vitality Beverages, Chia Energy Beverages, Chia & Greens Beverages and Chia Squeezes are vegan and contain no animal-derived ingredients. Our Chia Granola Clusters and Chia Vitality bars, however, contain small amounts of honey, and the chocolate in our Chia Vitality Bars contain a small amount of milk.

Can Mamma Chia beverages be mixed with alcoholic beverages?

Yes, Mamma Chia beverages can be mixed with alcohol. It is recommended to drink your mixed alcoholic beverage with a straw to maintain the rich texture and seed balance.

How much Mamma Chia can I consume in a day?

Enjoy as much Mamma Chia as you’d like! One serving naturally includes omega-3s, fiber, protein and minerals. You are not limited in the amount of Mamma Chia you can consume.

Do I need to keep my Mamma Chia in the refrigerator?

Mamma Chia Vitality Beverages, Chia Energy Beverages and Chia & Greens Beverages should be refrigerated before and after opening to preserve the beverage’s integrity and maintain the highest quality & taste. Our Chia Granola Clusters, Chia Vitality Bars, and Chia Squeeze, however, do not need to be refrigerated.

What should I do if the expiration date on the product has passed?

We believe our product is best when consumed before the expiration date and do not recommend you consume your product if expired.