Mamma’s Throat Soothers

Mamma's Throat Soothers

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Cold season, it’s not just about weather my friends. We all know the symptoms we do our best to avoid this time of year. The only way to do it would be to stay cooped up inside, binge watch Netflix, while living off shipments of Mamma Chia Vitality Granola, and Mamma Chia Seed Pudding. As amazing as this does sound, we must all face the world and their stuffy-nose-coughing-faces.

Have no fear Mamma Chian’s we are here to get you through all types of cold this season, and hopefully leave you feeling a bit better. To continue with our Winter Wellness we are making throat drops. Skip buying brands that contain artificial colors and additives we can’t pronounce. These not only taste better, but they’re better for you.

Minimal. Natural. The way an ingredient list should be.



1 cup tea

1 organic lemon (juiced)

1/2 cup manuka honey

1 tbsp cloves (optional)

Make It:

First, make your tea. For these drops we went with straight Lavender and a Lemongrass Ginger (Earl Grey also works great). Feel free to choose any flavor. Do some research on what each tea can do for your body, and go from there!

 Pour that cup of tea into your pot, and stick on the stove top.

* An option which we left out of ours would to be add cloves. The oils in cloves are known to help break down the “cold glue” (eww gunk) in the back of your throat, as well as kill germs.

Squeeze your lemon into the pot (we went with a whole lemon)

Pour in the manuka honey and watch the magic happen!

*Honey is a natural cough suppressant, as well as a great way to soothe the throat.

Allow to boil, strain anything you added, or may have missed (lemon seeds, who knew when you squeezed a lemon seeds came flying out. Note: squeeze lemon into a bowl first, strain seeds as you add it to the pot…)

  You want this throat saving potion hot! Try to get the mixture up to 300 degrees. If you don’t have a candy thermometer just hanging out in your kitchen, use a glass of ice water. Drop a tiny bit of the mixture into the glass, if it solidifies, it’s ready.

Carefully spoon the mixture onto parchment paper.

Yours will be better circles than ours. Great thing is, you’re going to eat these, so if they aren’t perfect circles no need to worry. If you want your drops to be pretty, silicone molds work really well!

Let the drops harden (feel free to put these little guys in the freezer).

You did it!

Once hardened keep in a small jar, canvas bag, or up-cycled metal mint container.

Give these a try, tell us know what you think!  We love hearing from you. If you have any other tips to make the cold season less cold share them with us! #MammaChia

Mamma’s Winter Wellness

Mamma's Winter Wellness

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Say no to the aches, coughs, and fevers this year! Mamma Chia is here to give you the extra boost and support needed during this cold and flu season, so you can get back to what you love doing most. We’ve put together three of our favorite wellness remedies to help keep you and your family, healthy and ready for adventure this winter! Save these recipes for use all year round as they’ll make a great addition to your daily wellness regimen.

Cold Symptom Relieving Tea

2 teaspoons organic sage

Juice of one organic lemon (or one teaspoon lemon balm herb)

Pinch cayenne pepper

1 tablespoon (15 ml) organic honey (preferably raw)

2 teaspoons of Mamma Chia Organic Chia Seeds

*To prepare the tea, pour one cup boiling water over sage and allow to steep for 10 minutes. Strain out herbs, add remaining ingredients, and drink hot.

Diffuser Congestion Blend

2 drops of Eucalyptus

2 drops of Lemon

3 drops of Peppermint

*Essential oils are a great way to make aromatherapy a part of your day-to-day regimen. Plus, there are truly astounding health benefits from using aromatherapy! Essential oils have the ability to boost energy levels, speed up healing, eliminate headaches, strengthen our immune systems, improve digestion, act as a cleaning agent, and purify air. Use this blend to help ease any congestion!

Chest Rub

2 drops of lavender

2 drops of frankincense

4 drops of cedarwood or melaleuca

4 drops of wild orange

1 1/2 tbs Shea butter

1 1/2 tsp organic coconut oil

*Gently melt the Shea butter and coconut oil together. Remove from heat and stir in essential oils. Transfer to a container with a tight fitting lid. (A jar or Tupperware works fine)

Mammas Winter Wellness

We like to get our oils from these sites:

 Plant Therapy

  Mountain Rose Herbs


 Young Living



Mantras Over Resolutions

Mantras Over Resolutions

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2017 is essentially here and with the New Year comes a whole list of resolutions! Resolutions can be daunting, truly limiting to our unconscious. Common resolutions people make are often intended to break a pattern, or accomplish something they feel will change their lives for the better. Truth is, 80% of those who make resolutions on January 1 will have given up by Valentine’s Day!

So this year, we’ve decided to skip the resolutions altogether! We have come up with two positive ways to set a tone of inspiration and creativity in 2017.

First pick a mantra. A mantra is a powerful word or phrase that creates meaning differently than a typical sentence. A mantra, when repeated over and over, affirms our belief in ourselves. We begin to allow its meaning to seep below the surface, into our subconscious, helping to shift our negative habits and patterns into positive ones. A mantra can have a significant impact on our lives!

What we think and speak shapes how we feel inside and how we see the world around us. Boost your confidence this year and allow yourself to highlight and focus in on trust, courage, love, creativity, success, confidence, balance, partnership & clarity. Use words that are clear and easy to remember. Begin each day by repeating your mantra out loud or silently to yourself. Allow the words to guide your daily intentions and be the driving force of positivity!  Here are some examples:

*Seed Your Soul

*I am here to grow

*I choose calmness over anxiety

*I am strong and healthy

*I strive to improve

We also think a bucket list is more interesting than a list of resolutions as it inspires us to explore, create, and make time for growing as individuals! Whether it’s exploring a new place, or trying a new activity, this list can consist of items that are as simple as eating at a restaurant you’ve been driving by for years or visiting your family a little more often. Your list can grow through the year as new ideas manifest themselves. Enjoy the simplicity of it. Set time aside to allow yourself to check off the items on your bucket list instead of your resolutions list! Your bucket list is a group of things you should look forward to doing, a way of creating new memories and trying something new!

We made a few printable templates to get you started. Download them below, set forth and be inspired this year!!!

Mantras Over Resolutions

Mantras Over Resolutions

Mantras Over Resolutions

Download PDF Here




5 Books to Make Your 2016 Magical

5 Books to Make Your 2016 Magical

April 14, 2016
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5 Books to Make Your 2016 Magical

  1. The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

With over 2 million copies sold, it’s no surprise that this self-help guide is on the top of our list! This book is an ultimate favorite amongst the Mamma Chia team. Tolle guides you through a magical and inspiring spiritual journey to find your true and deepest self. In this book, you will learn to conquer your biggest enemy, the mind, and how to awaken your soul to fully live in the present. Tolle will guide you on how to connect with the indestructible essence of your Being, “the eternal, ever-present One Life beyond the myriad forms of life that are subject to birth and death.” How Magical does that sound?

  1. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo

Is your New Year’s resolution to de-clutter your home? If so, this is the book for you! This #1 New York Times best-selling guide will show you how to simplify and organize your home once and for all. Kono, a Japanese cleaning consultant, will take you step-by-step through her revolutionary KonMari Method for organizing and storing. She asks you to determine which items in your home “spark joy” (and which items do not), yielding long-lasting results. Once you complete Kono’s guide, you’ll never have to worry about de-cluttering again. We promise 🙂

  1. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

Another #1 New York Times best-seller! In this self-help book, Gilbert offers profound insight into the mysterious world of creativity, with the core message that creativity is inside all of us. You will learn how to tackle what you love most, and how to face down your biggest fears in the effort to let go of “needless suffering.” Big Magic will help you find the time in your life to do something you really enjoy, all while filling your life with wonder and unpredicted joys. Now, that’s some Big Magic!

  1. The Noticer: Sometimes, all a person needs is a little perspective by Andy Andrews

In this book, a mysterious man named Jones has the gift of noticing things that others miss, communicating what he calls “a little perspective.” Jones has the gift of showing up at just the right time in people’s lives, giving them a little perspective on the things they might have missed. “Your time on this earth is a gift to be used wisely,” he says. Jones speaks to the desire in everyone to understand why things happen and what we can do about it. This unique narrative blend of fiction, allegory and inspiration will show you how being a “noticer” might change your life forever.

  1. The Body Book by Cameron Diaz with Sandra Bark

Our list wouldn’t be complete without another #1 New York Times bestseller! Throughout her career, Cameron Diaz has been a role model for millions of women. With a passion to educate and motivate, Diaz shares her formula for becoming happier, healthier and stronger. Grounded in science and inspired by personal experience, The Body Book offers a comprehensive overview of the human body and mind, from the cellular level up. If you’re looking for a holistic, long-term approach to living a long, strong, happy and healthy life, we highly recommend this book for you!

5 Books to Make your 2016 Magical

Remember, this is YOUR year. Make it a magical one!

DIY Party Tray

DIY Party Tray

April 14, 2016
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It’s time to start gearing up for the last major holiday celebration of the year! We are thrilled to share this creative DIY piece so that you can be the “hostess with the mostess” while ringing in the New Year. This fun and easy DIY Party Tray can be used for serving cocktails, hors d’ouvres, or as festive décor around the house! Either way, this custom tray will be sure to impress your guests at your New Year’s gathering!

DIY Party Tray - Mamma Chia

DIY Party Tray - Mamma Chia

What you’ll need:

  • Ceramic tray
  • Oil-based Sharpie markers (any color you prefer)
  • Alphabet Stickers
  • Oven


  1. Arrange your stickers on the tray in a way that appeals to you.
  2. Let your artwork dry for at least an hour.
  3. Carefully remove your stickers after the ink is dry.
  4. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and bake the tray for 30 minutes.
  5. Remove tray from the oven to cool.
  6. Wash and enjoy!

Chia-eers to a joyous holiday season and a happy new year!

DIY Party Tray - Mamma Chia