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Golden Chiamilk Latte? Yes, Please!

Golden Chiamilk Latte? Yes, Please!

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Our friend Jessica Zogg (@Zogg.Fit) crafted this amazing and easy-to-make Golden Chiamilk Latte recipe using our Organic Unsweetened Vanilla Chiamilk and we had to share it with the world! It’s the perfect winter-weather beverage: caffeine-free & dairy-free, vegan and oh so deliciously comforting! ????❄️  

Do you want the chance to be featured in our upcoming digital Chiamilk Cookbook? We want to share your incredible Chiamilk recipes with the world! Submit your favorite original recipe using Mamma Chia Organic Chiamilk and you may be selected to be featured online as well as win a $100 Gift Card to + a Mamma Chia Prize Pack!

Here’s How To Enter and Participate!

  • Create a culinary chia creation of your choice (puddings, bowls, muffins, smoothies, soups, salads, dips – you name it!)
    • Your recipe MUST include either variety of Mamma Chia Organic Chiamilk (of course)!
    • Mamma Chia Organic Chiamilk is available in both 28oz Unsweetened Original and 28oz Unsweetened Vanilla
  • Snap some before photos (ingredients & prep), during photos (your creative process) and after photos!
  • Share your delightful creation with us via the form below, following all the requirements and instructions.
    • You must include your step-by-step instructions and ingredients list.
    • Remember to share your wonderful photos!

You have until December 6th, 2020 to submit and participate! Selected recipes and prize-winners will be contacted mid-December and if selected, your recipe will be featured in the digital Chiamilk Cookbook launching in January 2021!

Be sure to check out the 2020 Mamma Chia Cookbook for inspiration!

Don’t forget to have fun, be creative & SEED YOUR SOUL!!!

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