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Mamma Chia Bottles as Kitchen Decor by The Resource Girls

April 14, 2016

Sometimes the kitchen can be the hardest area in our home to decorate. Maybe it’s because it tends to be the room that seems the most daunting, or depending on where you live, it can be the room with the least amount of space. If you’re in need of a little inspiration and want to spice up your kitchen decor, then we’ve got the perfect DIY for you below.  The best part? It’s both decorative and functional and that’s a win-win in our book! We were inspired to create a mini kitchen pantry shelf after reading one of our favorite cook books. We wanted something that served a purpose, but was cute to look at, too!

We took this old shelf and gave it a fresh coat of paint, then used this antiquing glaze to give it a vintage, distressed look.

Mamma Chia Bottles as Kitchen Decor by The Resource Girls

Mamma Chia Bottles as Kitchen Decor by The Resource Girls

Next we took a bunch of old jars, which included our empty Mamma Chia beverage bottles, to store some of our dry pantry goods. It’s important to use jars that are different heights and widths to provide dimension. What’s a kitchen without fresh flowers? We also used one of our empty bottles to serve as a vase in order to add something fresh and cheery. We love the eclectic, yet not cluttered, look of this shelf.  The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to these glass bottles.  We’ve also used them for storing our homemade salad dressing! Follow the simple tutorial below to recycle your old Mamma Chia beverage bottles into kitchen pantry containers!

For the finishing touch we added in these free kitchen printables. Simply go to the website and print off any of these designs and put in a frame.

Get creative! Cut the chalkboard tape into different shapes. Use different colored chalk or chalkboard markers. Find sayings that inspire you! This is what we love about DIY – you can make it your own!Mamma Chia Bottles as Kitchen Decor by The Resource Girls

Materials ||

  • Empty Mamma Chia beverage bottles
  • Goo Gone or any kind of adhesive remover
  • Chalk or chalkboard markers
  • Scotch chalkboard tape
  • Scissors

Tutorial ||

  1. Wash empty bottles with soap and water or run through dishwasher. Use an adhesive remover like Goo Gone to remove labels from bottles, then re-wash with warm soap and water to make sure all the glue is off the bottles.
  2. Decide what you want to put in your bottles then make labels.
  3. To make labels we used Scotch Chalkboard Tape. We found the chalkboard markers at Target or you could use actual chalk. The tape easily peels off so if you wanted to change what you put in the bottles it’s no problem.
  4. Simply cut tape to desired size and label each bottle according to what you put in it or write a fun inspirational saying. We definitely recommend cutting the tape first then writing on it.
  5. Don’t delay; fill with any pantry dry good – coffee, popcorn kernels, rice, beans, nuts, oats, the possibilities are endless!

Mamma Chia Bottles as Kitchen Decor by The Resource Girls

Mamma Chia Bottles as Kitchen Decor by The Resource Girls

About the Authors:

The Resource Girls Lauren and Cat are two best friends who have a lifestyle blog, The Resource Girls. They blog about what they call their 5 F’s – fashion, fitness, finance, food, and friendship. Their number one goal is to embrace who they are and live a healthy and happy life while not spending a fortune. They especially love DIY projects because they can put their own spin on something and make it 100% unique to them. Their motto is Be resourceful. Be you.

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