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Celebrating Chia Culinary Creations of Our Mamma Chia Community!

Inspired by the small but mighty chia seed that we celebrate in our products, Mamma Chia’s humble beginnings have always been driven by a vision of sharing the Magic of Chia® with the world! Chia’s exceptional nutritional profile combined with its unique texture makes this impressive little seed the perfect ingredient for creating healthy and fun culinary creations!

As we are constantly amazed by the incredibly creative and delicious chia recipes our fans have shared with us, it was only natural that we invite our magical Mamma Chia community to collaborate on a cookbook brimming with chia! We’re delighted to share some of our favorite recipes, all of which are packed with essential Omega-3, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium, with our chia seeds providing the vitality, energy and strength to Seed Your Soul!®

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