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Mamma Chia Reviews & Testimonials

We love hearing testimonials from our loyal community of fans.  Because we offer only the highest quality ingredients in all of our products, we welcome feedback to ensure a premium experience every time you enjoy Mamma Chia!

You can leave us chia seed reviews or chia seed testimonials!  And if you really love us and think we are the BEST chia seed brand, we are flattered to hear that.  Thanks for the love and support.  Big Mamma Chia hugs!

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Real Mamma Chia Customer Testimonials

“Drinking this beverage for the first time is a life changing experience. I have long felt sick, dull pain all over my body (especially on my head), worn out so fast with doing chores that I never felt like exercising. And I have done tests to see if there is anything is wrong, but everything were normal. Life just goes on with lots of dreadfulness. This feeling has a big impact on my attitudes as well. I am very capable of being nicer, more friendly and outgoing, or more talkative. But all these dreadful sensations have the power to stop me from the joy of life. Yesterday I was at the Whole Food Store and talked to the person at the booth for Mamma Chia. I know that this product is very good. In fact I know a lot of products that are good for us. But this one made a big difference. An hour after I down the drink, I have lost all those dreadful sensations. I felt much lighter, not the weight, but feelings that burdened me for so long. I am so glad that I bought this drink, and I am going to share them and keep drinking them. CHEERS!” – Yi R., Rocklin, CA

“I’m a celiac so traveling can be challenging – one bite of gluten and my health is shot. Plus my family and I eat organic whenever possible and avoid GMOs. Mamma Chia Squeezes are revolutionizing my life! I can bring them anywhere and enjoy safe, delicious, highly nutritious foods – amazing. We’re going to China in 3 weeks and I’ll be bringing an entire suitcase full of Squeezes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” – Michael C., New York, NY

“My daughter is 15 months old and she loves Mamma Chia. As you can imagine, my husband and I only give her what we believe to be the best in quality foods and yours is one of them. Thank you again for Mamma Chia! ” – Sam C., Santa Clara, CA

“I’m usually exhausted right after taking boot camp classes. I tried drinking Mamma Chia before my boot camp class and right after, I still had a lot of energy to go for a run! That never happened to me before. Love, love, love Mamma Chia!” – Halima A., San Diego, CA

“Love, love, love your drinks! Start my day off with one Mamma Chia and it gives me the most natural burst of energy. It’s amazing!” – Chelsea R., Rancho Mirage, CA

“I’ve been in love with Mamma Chia since the first time I tried it. It’s a fabulously refreshing drink that delivers energy in a nutrient dense delicious drink. I feel reassured every time I drink one that I am providing my body with the essential omega 3’s, fiber and antioxidants needed daily to promote optimal health and vitality! Thank you Mamma Chia for inventing this easy, yummy and healthful delight!” – Leslie H., Olympia, WA

“We get to try a lot of cool stuff here at FBG HQ, and we always have something new to eat or drink. But the bottles of Mamma Chia went FAST. We’ve been obsessed with chia seeds for awhile, but this was just such a fun, refreshing and cool way to enjoy them. With so many fun flavor combinations and so much energizing nutrition in them, Mamma Chia is one of our favorite concoctions on the market!” – Fit Bottomed Girls

I’m a competitive cross country runner, and I must say that Mamma Chia is an extremely amazing substance. I drink one a day now, and I feel better all the time, when running and when I am in class. It is definitely a performance enhancing drink, only it’s all natural and good for you. I suggest it to ALL athletes out there. – Zach N., Palm Desert, CA

My 13 year son and I run together and now drink Mamma Chia daily. We love the stuff- great flavors, good for you and a blast to drink!!!!! – Robert & Riley O., Fairfield,CT

OMG WE LOVE your juice! It’s so good!!!!! We bring it every where we go – work, school, softball practice, home, horse back riding, hicking, working out. We can’t leave our house without Mamma Chia! – Tom & Olivia, Westport, CT

HI! I just discovered your drink and absolutely love it! I am pregnant with my eighth, and the omega 3 content is what initially encouraged me to purchase this phenomenal beverage. Little did I know that it COMPLETELY remedies my morning sickness as soon as it hits my stomach, and the relief lasts for a couple of hours. Who would have known! I think you should have a tab in the community section for Baby Chias! Thanks for the great drink! – Tracy F., Tacoma, WA

BEST DRINK EVER! Oh my goodness, I just had the Cherry Lime Mamma Chia drink and it was so delicious. I love all of the seeds. I will be buying these for friends and family. I can’t wait to try all of the flavors! — Sarah, 23, Seattle, WA

Thank you! Your amazing and delicious drinks are changing my life! I recently hired a trainer and your drinks are what get me through my workout! They give me energy, strength and fill me with the best feelings! Unique and special. Just a quick note from a happy customer. 🙂 — Loren D., Alameda, CA

WOW.!!!!!! I tried all the flavors today in Whole Foods…FANTASTIC!!! I immediately got a surge of energy and alertness… — Maria J., Oakland, CA

I am a mother of two from San Diego, CA and my whole family loves Mamma Chia! My 15 year old son is a competitive soccer player for the Surf Club in Del Mar and my 17 year old daughter is a Varsity volleyball player at Westview H.S. They both love drinking a Mamma Chia beverage prior to their games as they feel that it gives them sustained energy; they feel more hydrated and my son noticed that he does not get leg cramps as much after a game when he has one of the drinks beforehand. When I first tried one, I was not sure about the texture but I actually love it now because the flavor of the drink itself is so good! Congrats on producing such a great product! — Heather S., San Diego, CA

So Awesome! My name is Shawn and I live in Charlotte, NC and I tried your Cherry Lime flavor yesterday evening after finding it in my local health food store. My girlfriend and I are officially hooked on your product! It is absolutely delicious! It felt like I was biting into a juicy chia-filled fruit! Haha. Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know there are people that fully appreciate this company’s hard work. Thank you so much! – Shawn H., Charlotte, NC

I love Mamma Chia! These beverages have really lifted my soul to another level of health. Thank you! — Carlos R., Houston, TX

This drink is so doggone good! It is the greatest alternative I have found to sugary- carbonated drinks for those of us who don’t want just water or juice. And it’s healthy!! Oh my goodness!! Thank you for coming out with this drink! — Denice C., San Mateo, CA

i am soooooo in love w/ these!! was just introduced last week & have already gone through a whole case! (✿◠‿◠) — Alicia G., Moab, UT

This stuff is awesome. I feel more energetic before I am even done with one bottle! The flavors are fantastic! I highly recommend this drink, especially in the middle of the afternoon when a nap comes to mind!! MUCH better than coffee!! — Mike A., Mason, OH

I tried the raspberry passion with hesitation…I hadn’t really tried chia seeds before. OH MY GOSH! After a few sips I was hooked!! This drink is sooo energizing and tasty! I would love to spread the word!! Rock on Mamma Chia!!! — Crystal S., Charleston, SC


Oh my!!! Yummy yummy yummy! I bought a raspberry passion on a whim yesterday @ whole foods in Indy. Before I left the parking lot I opened the bottle took a drink, my eyes popped wide open, put the car back in park & ran in to buy more. I wiped them out of the raspberry passion 🙂 — Kim O., Indianapolis, IN

Love Mamma Chia!! Greatest drink of all time. Thanks for making and not too sweet. BRILLIANCE IN A BOTTLE!!!! — Susan O’B. — Dallas, TX

Tried it for the first time, loved it….I’m hooked! Instantly I was full of energy! Tastes good and is good for you! What more can you ask for….I’m definitely going to try all flavors, the one I tried was Raspberry flavor…. — Francie E., Pinole, CA

I absolutely adore this product and feel so much better when I get my daily dose 🙂 I seriously love Mamma Chia. I haven’t been so excited about a new food product… well, ever I don’t think. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m addicted – 😉 I have told tons of my friends about it who are now also loving it. — Blythe R., Denver, CO

Last week I had to fly down to Hermosa Beach (I am from Seattle, WA) as my Grandfather of 90+ years is in the hospital. I had to keep my energy up; I was spending 12 hours in the Hospital assisting my grandfather in ICU. When I walked into the store, the Mamma Chia display caught my eye. I remember from the 60’s -70’s my folks eating Chia Seeds, I ate them too growing up. Then for some reason they fell off the radar…I chuckled when I saw the display and the flood of memories this brought back. So…..I tried all 4 flavors and Shazam, Whamo, Fly Me to the Moon, like magic dust….this refreshing drink energized my body…and I went back the next day and purchased every bottle they had left… I was hooked! What a fabulous drink, I love the flavors, the consistency, and the energy it gave me. Day after Day and sleepless nights at the hospital, this drink was the magic potion I needed, in fact the nurse “Okayed” my granddad taking a sip of one drink…he loved it….and during the day he slowly finished one bottle…at 90+ he is hooked too. Love the Logo – Love the Mottos – Love the Support efforts – Love the Website – Love the Drink — Christine D., Seattle, WA

I love this drink! The woman at Whole Foods Hastings Ranch gave me a sample and I was hooked. She was so friendly and full of information. This is a great product! — Terry H., Northridge, CA

I just had to write to tell you how much I love ALL the flavors of your Mamma Chia drinks!!!!! I was at Frazier Farms in Vista a few days ago, and Melissa (their “resident foodie”) walked around the store with me and made suggestions on great tasting items!!!! She showed me your Mamma Chia beverages, and I bought all the flavors, and just love them!!!! I went back today and bought more and ordered a few cases!!!! I’m not real good about drinking water, but I could drink your product all day!!!! Just wanted to give you my feedback!!!! Great creation!!!!! — Valerie T., Vista, CA

Hi! I tried your beverages at Whole Foods yesterday and I just want you to know. I am hooked. I’ve tried both the cranberry lemonade and the raspberry passion and I love them both. They are so very delicious. I am currently training for a half marathon and I look forward to consuming Mamma Chia drinks to help my body maintain energy during the runs. Thanks so much! I hope your product takes off! — Kathryn R., Pasadena, CA

My name is Kyle and we met last Saturday at the Whole Foods in La Jolla off of La Jolla Village Drive. I loved the cranberry lemonade Mamma Chia drink and it gave me a boost of good energy I never felt before and of course it was fun to drink! I brought the drink down to the NSSA College Division surf contest at Blacks Beach and the rest of my team mates on PLNU Surf Team took and sip and absolutely loved it. I cannot wait to get back to the store and grab a few more. — Kyle J., La Jolla, CA

Tried a sample in a recent baseball game and it was unbelievable and felt the impact all through the next day….wow… is all i can say! — Rod S., Yorba Linda, CA

I’ve been a chia fan for years….this drink is awesome! — Mary B., Agoura Hills, CA

I tried it at karma yoga and I’m hooked. — Laura B., Encinitas, CA