December 2011 - Mamma Chia

December 2011

December 2011

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Congratulations to Steve Cochran!

Location:  Oceanside, CA
Hobbies:  Composing Music, writing comedy sketches, entertaining people, staying active with diverse forms of exercise to keep it from getting boring and perpetually staying young.
On his iPod:  Metallica, Miles Davis, Maynard Ferguson
Favorite Quote: To Love others, you must first love yourself.  
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Mamma Chia Flavor: Cranberry Lemonade
Bio:  I believe that my calling is to entertain people, make them laugh, smile and feel good through comedy and music. I am a super serious person, but the longer that you know me the more you get to see and hear all of the funny stuff I have been holding back. My humor is what helps me deal with the fact that I am so serious.

For his dedication, determination, and enthusiasm we are excited to honor Steve Cochran as our December 2011 Ambassador of the Month! Steve is a full-time Mamma Chia brand ambassador who truly embodies the Mamma Chia mission of honoring and uplifting both the soul of humanity and the soul of the planet. We hear nothing but praise from all who come in contact with him, and we are eternally grateful for the joy and dedication he brings to the Mamma Chia family.

Thank you Steve! You have shown commitment, honesty, and humor right from day one.

Check our events page and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find Steve’s upcoming events and come in to congratulate him!
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