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1% For The Planet Video Feature

We are so grateful and delighted to be a part of this special 1% for the Planet feature celebrating our local San Diego community of partners! Check out the video to learn more about 1% for the Planet and how Mamma Chia and our friends at BLDG Active, JuneShine, Everyday California, & Pure Project Brewing are bringing about positive change in the world through 1% giving! By supporting Mamma Chia and other brands in the 1% family, you’re helping to amplify impact and commit to something bigger than all of us.You can always support the 1% for the Planet network by purchasing for the planet! The next time you buy, keep an eye out for the logo.

The 1% for the Planet seal indicates that businesses such as MammaChia donate 1% of annual sales to environmental nonprofits. Every time you buy a product with a 1% for the Planet logo, a portion of your purchase goes back to Mamma Earth!

With a little bit of research, you can make sure that every purchase you make is a #purchasefortheplanet.

Learn more about how you or your business can make a difference at